I am a mother, a yoga instructor, and a designer (among many other wonderful titles- mother, sister,singer, Scrabble lover, daughter). On any given day one title is stronger than another. I started the #bemoloveproject to give back to organizations that have the heart I wish to instill in myself and in my children.


I don't have all the answers, heck, most days I don't have any answers to the chaos that is our lives around us.  What I do know is that I can teach my children kindness, I can ask you to come to your mat and be open, and I can make clothes that will give back to others doing the same.


a woman wearing many hats


Willa 'love' Tank

The Willa 'Love' Tank is named after my middle son William. He has the biggest heart and at 6 years old works to navigate his emotions on a daily basis. He often asks me 'Mama, what are you afraid of?' I usually answer 'Bats' because frankly their thin spiny wings give me the creeps, but what always comes to mind is 'Losing you.'  When you become a parent, they tell you the time goes fast, that they will be a joy and a challenge, and you won't know the extent until you have your own children.  They don't tell you that you will be afraid for them. Every day. Becoming a mom has been the greatest journey of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way- fears, joys, challenges and all.

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The Willa Love Tank gives 50% of the profits back to Together Rising- a group who has many MANY projects of support but are helping to reunite families who have been separated from their parents- their worst fears coming true.

Learn more about ALL of their projects of love by visiting www.togetherrising.org