BRINNER. I stood up and stormed out the back door. I wasn't exactly being a shining example of how to handle conflict but if I stayed one more second I was going to pop that ten year old right in the mouth. Apparently I was to blame for the 'F' grades in math homework that we would work on together and he wouldn't manage to turn in. At least that is what he was shouting back at me. Ummmmm...excuse me.

As I paced the back yard a few times I immediately started to feel guilty and assumed that every memory from here on out would start with him remembering this fight and me storming off.


Later that same evening he excitedly said 'Mama, remember BRINNER?' That was it. Of course I remember BRINNER. It is one of my all time favorite things to make breakfast for dinner. It is almost like you are breaking all the rules to eat sausage patties and biscuits for dinner (yeah, those are nothing like a burger 😂). Joe isn't a big fan of opposite and preposterous things like BRINNER so we only have it when he happens to be gone for dinner.

BRINNER. It is a simple thing that I love and I get excited about and so do my kids. BRINNER is something they will hopefully do with their children, after all, where do you think I got it from? Maybe it isn't BRINNER at your house. Maybe it is some other silly tradition or habit you have. Whatever your BRINNER is.....keep doing it. Keep laughing about it. Keep making sure they know this is special not just to them but to you too because 5, 10, 15 years from now they won't remember you were to blame for their grades...they will remember BRINNER.

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