CLUES 'Mama, will you hide them all AGAIN?!' We just ended our Halloween Scavenger Hunt and had arrived at the bath tub containing Make Your Own Pizzas and Cookie Decorating kits from @haymarkettaproom (yes, the bath tub ...the only place the dog wouldn't snag everything from) and he wanted me to hide all the CLUES again.

The ending was exciting but that wasn't Eddie's favorite part. Never has been. It was the hunt. The search. The CLUES one after the other that let him know to keep going and that he was headed in the right direction.

I miss the CLUES sone days. And I sometimes tire of the hunt and the search to know I am headed in the right direction. Sometimes it seems we don't know if we are headed towards another CLUE or just circling.

I am hoping to keep catching site of the CLUES that let me know today is the day I am on the right path.

-Someone simply telling me they grind their teeth too and it sounded like I was speaking directly to her when I said 'soft jaw'.
-A cup of coffee.
The CLUES aren't always clear. We have to do a little searching, and listening, and listening even harder 🤣 but they are there.

A 6 year old asking me to do it all again because it was so much fun? Best CLUE a mom could ask for.

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