I didn't say anything when friends and family made racist jokes.
I didn't speak up when the integrity of a co-worker was questioned because they were black.
I didn't start conversations early enough with my children about racism and was met with the question 'if we see brown people will they be mad at us?' today by my son.
I didn't read enough, learn enough, and ask enough questions about the struggle happening in front of my eyes and what I can do to stop the cycle.
I didn't know I could cry so much about the last words of a man I didn't know calling for his 'mama' as his life ended too soon because Mama is what my children call me.

I didn't.

@jenhatmaker wrote that 'Everything you have every wanted is on the other side of hard'. I didn't know how many different definitions of 'hard' there was.

I didn't get put here on this earth to not leave it better and stronger and more truthful. Changing the 'i didn't' to 'i Will' is going to take many shapes for me and I am not sure what they all are but on the other side of hard is where I plan to land. 

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