INVITATION. The sound would always hit us before the smell. An odd, cheerful techno music sound that to anyone else wouldn't make sense at all. If you hadn't made it downstairs by the next song -'A Pirates Life for Me' -you were late for dinner.

The sounds of the Main Street Electrical parade at Disney World from the four disc CD collection my parents had was our invitation to Mexican night for dinner. Yes, every single time. Enchiladas, homemade chips, refried beans, and depending on age- a margarita.

A song as an INVITATION.

So many INVITATIONS that come in all forms. A Papa in the water is an invitation to a two year old to join him. The smell of cookies is an INVITATION to three boys to make their way to the kitchen. A quiet house is an INVITATION to sit down if only for a moment.

INVITATIONS come in the sounds, the sights, the moments in between. RSVP to them all. They are what matters most.

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