SOFTEN. Do you know why you soften cream cheese to make icing? Because it tastes amazing. Do you know what happened when I softened my expectations on myself for. Home practice? It felt amazing

Thank you @monydirks for reminding me that on my mat isn't just where the movement happens but it is where the coffee and conversations can happen. Thank you @amy_chasse for Friday Funday classes that remind me of how strong I am. Thank you puppy and #mythreesons for being able to hear my mat unroll from anywhere in the house....any.where. ♥️🤣

Headed back to my mat everyday in May. It may just be to read or to do a strength class but I will SOFTEN into what it means to 'do Yoga' everyday. You in?

#soften #onandoffthemat #yoga #reallifeyoga #yogaeveryday #onmymat #mypracticeisntperfectbutitsmine

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