This pic is the last time I can remember laughing so hard that I cried. We were helping my parents clean out their basement that had flooded. They store many of their belongings down there including Christmas decorations my mom had from past students, dolls from when we were children that her late mother had made, and trivial things that hurt to lose all the same. My mom eventually dismissed my sister and I to take a pick up truck load to a nearby dumpster so she could sift thru the rest of the memories alone.

On the way there we were discussing a 'family trait' that we would be HORRIFIED if we ever picked up: saying 'yeah' while we laughed. She asked if she had ever done that and without answering I gasped in shock and asked if she had ever heard ME do it?! We were both so appalled of the idea of this silly trait making its way into our laughs that we were trying not to laugh which resulted in some very odd sounds and even more laughter. It continued thru the task of unloading the truck and stomping it down with her in her boho scarf that- to this day- we aren't sure why she was wearing. *Chuckle, giggle yeah giggle*
Sometimes I catch myself saying it while I laugh (the horror!)

I cried today in child's pose. Maybe it was the releasing breath exercise I had just done with @yogimdnet or maybe it was the fact that I hadn't really just plopped down into the pose and hung out there in weeks. Whatever the as I could hear Lego building and laughter and no up front reason to be doing so- I cried in child's pose.

Sometimes you cry because you can't leave the house. Sometimes you cry because your kids begged you to play Life and they have made it exactly to the 'Get Married' space before they begin to fight.

But man, sometimes you cry because the laughter in your body is so overwhelming that it has nothing better to do than feel extra emotions. Do you remember your last time? Sometimes I almost forget them, but when I remember- I laugh and yeah all over again.

When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried? Remember every Damm detail. Sometimes it is exactly what you need.

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