UNKNOWN. The snow had already accumulated to over a foot and the cab wouldn't pull down the street. We could have had him just keep going to take us home but we didn't. Karin and I stepped out into the blizzard and set off on foot to the Christmas Party of a few of her friends that was three blocks away. We arrived at the apartment covered in snow. They had individually wrapped beers so you didn't know what kind it was. I talked to a dark haired guy that I had been out with many times before in a group but didn't really know. From that night on he was all I thought about. @davidjwhyte talks about how we pay more attention in the unknown. Maybe I was a little more alert because we weren't sure if we would make it to the party. Maybe I was a little more open to conversations with people I hadn't ever really got a chance to talk to because it was a new place, new people, a new party and I was on alert. The unknown. Hikers lost in an unknown woods pay more attention for survival. A girl walking thru the snow to a mystery beer and a man whose smile meets his eyes were all unknown until that night. And it made all the difference. May our adventures into the unknown make us listen closer, see better, and feel more. The UNKNOWN can be so scary for me, but that night it resulted in the perfect storm to meet my favorite person of all ♥️

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