A lost softball game.
A heartbreak.
The nerves of an upcoming audition.
Feelings of mom guilt.
The need for something routine and well known to me.

A piece of my soul breathes deep and thrives when I am there.

I still remember the day my dad had this piano delivered to our house. Over twenty years later I sit down and UNPACK things that I have balled up and packed away.

I am not a concert pianist or a stage performer by any means. But to sit down at this piano brings up such a sense of self that when I am done playing and singing I have UNPACKED days and weeks of things big and small and am left with room again.

How do you UNPACK? Do you sit at a piano and just let all the things fall out? Do you slow down and carefully UNPACK as you paint, as you dance, as you hike or bike with no destination?

Sometimes I don't realize how full I am until I sit down at this bench and play.

UNPACK all the things. Lay them on the floor and only put back what you need ♥️💼

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